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Maternity and Newborn Photography

I got my first camera just after my oldest child was born. I could not get enough of him and wanted to remember every single moment of his earliest days. I wanted to remember his beautiful blue eyes and his mass of brown hair. I wanted to remember holding his teeny tiny body, the way I pressed him up against my chest and felt that, just for a few moments, all was right in the world. I wanted to remember looking down at him and feeling what a glorious gift he was, and how deeply I loved him. Less than two years later, I got to do all of this over again when his little sister was born. I got to see how much beauty could be held in one tiny face, and how much my heart was able to expand to make  room for her in our family. I got to savor the moments that I had dreamt of my whole life. 
I got to watch my son become a big brother, and I got to watch my husband become the incredible dad I always knew he would be. Photography helped me to hold on to these precious moments, and I'm able to revisit them each time I look at the pictures framed on our walls.
Whenever I pick up my camera, I remember that these days are short, time is slipping away, and memories fade. I strive to capture the beauty that makes my family mine, and your family yours. When I photograph your family, I do it with the same joy I have when I photograph my own family. 
Your life, your story, and your family is so incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to create images to show that!

Everyone has something that makes them feel most alive. That thing that gives you a fire in your belly and warmth in your soul. Mine is photography. It brings me so much joy and fills my heart until it overflows. Photography is the way I am able to capture my babies and my family, and it is how I capture your babies and family, too.

maternity and newborn photographer 

I'm Clair!


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Reading on the beach. Road trips with my family. The morning sun in my kitchen. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Sitting on the front porch and watching the rain. Long dinners and deep conversations. Laughing until my belly aches. King Cake for breakfast. Freshly bathed babies in PJs. Family dinners around our kitchen table. Big, puffy clouds at sunset. Bright pink flowers. Having too many throw pillows. A house full of laughter. Mornings at the lake. Coffee all day long. Boat rides with my family. Old family photos. Our golden retriever. Jesus. 

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We believe that life's biggest and smallest moments are worth celebrating. You'll always find a bottle of champagne in our fridge in the event that the night deserves a bit of celebrating!

Fueling Our Souls

Pop the Bubbly

isn't always better. We're big fans of spending the afternoon sifting through antique shops and secondhand stores for timeless pieces with secret stories. Our favorite find? A vintage pair of Jimmy's!

Fueling Our Souls

Something Vintage

It all began with my husband. The day I met him, I called my best friend and told her I had met the man I was going to marry. He is kind and smart and funny, and he makes the best sweet tea in the world. Our wedding day in New Orleans was the happiest day of my life, so full of love and hopes and dreams and Crawfish Monica. 10 years later, we have two incredible kids that get better and better each day, and grow our marriage in ways I never thought possible. Our children have taught me what it means to love with all of your heart, to be curious and excited, and to sacrifice. 
And they have given me a way to create. I am so grateful for all the many times they let me take pictures of them so that I could practice and grow. Photographs of my family are some of my greatest treasures and bring me so much joy each time I look at them. My hope is that I can create these photographs for you and your family - photographs that you look at for years and years to come; photographs that are some of your greatest treasures.


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